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dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Worst Case Scenario - songs from Split with Nada X Liberar

(songs by WCS only, sorry)

listen to They who condemn by Worst Case Scenario, as a preview to this album

The labels redirected to this, now defunct, Swedish band (Myspace), are usually what it takes for a band in the crust habitat to get my personal attention. usually, I then proceed by checking song for song with not too high expectations. what can I say, I find the majority in it to be very decent at best. only once in a full moon, I get acquinted with bands like this and GOD-DAMN that's the kind of band that rejuvenates my faith in music all-together! swamping with sociopolitical views I take to heart in combination with fleshripping melodies. the only flaw to this band is that it had a far too short lifespan or number of releases in that lifetime.

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