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zondag 20 februari 2011

I Create - All We Are Is Now

 listen to Bring Me Back by I create, as a preview to this album

'Merican band I Create (Myspace) is a though nut to crack. tempo's jumping from mid-tempo to downtempo in combination with emotionally tormented talking/whining/shouting vocals. sounds familiar? I find it hard to express how this band appeals to me, so greatly. the post-rock in combination with post-hardcore structure  with screaming thing has been done before, but I create brings more to the table. I get the feel I used to from classic down-tempo skramz bands in place of the melodic hardcore model that other bands in it adapt. nevermind my ranting. check for yourself, I recommend it to great extent.
Last fm tags as screamo, post-rock, emo, real screamo,american
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