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zaterdag 9 april 2011

Isaïah - Ils consomment, tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas

Isaïah (Bandcamp) is an epic(-sounding) screamo band from the southern french-speaking part of Belgium (yes, french is not every belgian's native language), with a lot of influences from the french skram bands. in stead of the ambient twinkly sound of most screamo bands that build their sound around post rock with long soundscapes, these guys also master a more down-tempo dissonant post-metal style and juggle with both succesfully. with those twinkly bands like Envy, Heaven In Her Arms and Pianos Become The Teeth, that seem so popular, I always get a feeling of 'hit or miss' with every song. with this band's style each song hovers somewhere in between at worst.

Last fm tags as screamo, belgian, progressive rock

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vrijdag 8 april 2011

Failures - S/T

 listen to Cheer Up by Failures

I'm not going to state the obvious, but just so you didn't know: Mark McCoy of Das Oath and Charles Bronson is the vocalist in this band. Failures (band Blog) could very wel be the summum of what anyone could expect from a Youth Attack band. ADHD guitars, lightningspeed drums that would have Shiva have to catch her breath and vocals that sound like Mark's long out of breath from the first second. but, when and where you least expect it, the rythm builds up this amazing groove, and everything sounds like the soundtrack to a surf documentary at 999 Bpm or every single member of the Dead Kennedys having a bad trip on amphetamines. if that wouldn't appeal to you, you need to check the experation date to your music taste.

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donderdag 7 april 2011

Le Pré Ou Je Suis Mort

 listen to Une Fois De Plus by Le Pré Ou Je Suis Mort
French/Swiss band Le Pré Ou Je Suis Mort(Myspace) ,that had the same name as a french dub of a The X-Files episode, is probably the most 'active' band within the french screamo sound. they excell in building ambient elements to an equally smooth climax, only with a lot more oomph superimposed on the already harmonic yet layered sound. a mix of post-rock and french screamo that portrays the very best of what both have to offer.
they joined La Dispute on that band's first European tour btw!

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woensdag 6 april 2011

Das Plague - Self Titled

 listen to La segunda regla by Das Plague

so we've established that screamo with crust makes for a really raw emotional mix. spanish band Das Plague (Myspace) throws the same punches, but from a whole other angle. they include the post rock ambience in the mix to add to the passion buried underneath the crusty turmoil. a combination of both could easily clash, unless carried out with this kind of subtle incorporation of basic and rough elements. this band had members from the bands Blünt and Ekkaia, which could give you an idea of what influences to expect.
Last fm tags as: screamo, neocrust, hardcore, spanish, emo violence

maandag 4 april 2011

Millions Of Them - Failures

 listen to Rome by Millions Of Them as a preview

There are plenty of reasons for people from Belgium to be proud of our national bands. on any level or in any 'scene'.Reply, Minus 45 Degrees and Am I Dead Yet? were three of the first bands that made me notice this, when they sprouted almost a decade ago. Millions Of Them (Facebook page) shares members with all of these defunct bands and parade around showing a vulgar display of power in every venue they even so much as plug in their instruments. I was so DONE with math hardcore, before, but these guys excel in it more skillfully than I could have ever hoped to find in any band, back when my interest in the genre peaked. this is brilliantly layered and erratic yet (be it complex) calculated structures.
Last fm tags as chaotic hardcore, hardcore, chaotic, mathcore, 00s

zondag 3 april 2011

outside the box on sunday III

 listen to Just Like That by Tangled Hair
Brittish band Tangled Hair (bandcamp) plays the most mellow Math-like music that ever appealed to me so much. as if they play a compromise between Foals' lengthy sweet ballads and their older energetic and fleeting songs with apparent pop-punk influences that remind me of the noodly guitars and odd time signatures of indie-ish emo bands. throw in a cheesy brittish accent, and you have an idea of Tangled Hair's musical foundation. to those who aren't frightened by such a description, you should have already checked it out by now.
Last fm tags as: math pop, math rock, indie, uk, bsm

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