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vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Alpinist - Lichtlærm

 listen to AIDT by Alpinist

German band Alpinist (Myspace) is the pinnacle of all melodic crust music. With influences from dark hardcore and screamo, this release will have all kinds of  sentiments soaring right past you from every direction, sometimes within a single song, each so vividly represented that barely any will leave you uncompelled. Angry as hell, pitch black desperation, reflective skepticism, .... This record is an emotional battlefield which eventually results in a bloody massacre.

Last fm tags as neocrust, crust, screamo, hardcore, dark hardcore

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woensdag 8 juni 2011

Departures - When Losing Everything Is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

Departures (facebook page/old post) is back with a brand new release! Where they displayed a fresh mix, between the passionate and melodic hardcore blended with up-tempo hardcore punk, on their previous record, they continu to only scratch the surface of those two (almost contradictory) styles and dig deeper into a self-sculpted compromise inbetween them. No introverted ambient yet instrumentally minimalistic intermezzo’s, while the vocalist yells something whiny and catchy, to build up into a climax of the already conspicuous emotion that this musictrend is soaking in, like other bands would. But a more straight-forward punk rock approach. Beautifully crafted, without beating around the bush.

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maandag 6 juni 2011

Crimes – Let’s March To The Drums Of Sin

Probably the freshest music ever presented on this blog, Crimes (blog) is a fairly new Belgian (Antwerp) two-man project with the drummer and guitarist from James Berlin. A well-balanced mixture of early hardcore and gritty garage (punk/)rock balanced out with soothing vocals and catchy rythms. I missed out way too often, to see them live and I hope I'm the last one to do so, cause I hear it's a blast.

zondag 5 juni 2011

Out of the box on sunday XII

 listen to All You Need Is Blood by Test Icicles

 Test Icicles were a wildly energetic screamy/dancey punkish indie band. quite a lot of ingrediënts, but quite the conistent end product. just 3 hipsters with a mic, passing along guitars, while an iPod busts out their drumlines with occasional additional bleeps and other electronic noise. this often reminds of The Blood Brothers writing songs as catchy as Death From Above or Franz Ferdinand. members went on to form Rat Att Agg (aka Wrists), Kasms and most notibally Lightspeed Champion.
Last fm tags as indie, experimental, alternative, indie rock, punk

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