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maandag 25 juli 2011

White Lung - It's The Evil

 listen to Like Dad by White Lung

Surprising stuff, by Canadian band White Lung (facebook). Basically this is Melt-Banana oriented stuff, but a lot closer to a punk rock sound and mentality. Guitars smothered in an alienating effect, yelping vocals and funky uptempo drum-patterns. Especially the latter make this as catchy as any punkrock band, while the vocals remind of Melt Banana’s screeching schouts and the guitars of Hot Snakes profound post-punk/punk rock sound. I am not stating any obvious influences (although I wouldn’t be surprised if I was spot on), only trying to label their overall sound to give you a first impression. If you’re not sure, you should know I just seriously want you to check this out. It’s briljant. All killer, no filler.
Last fm tags as punkpunk rockgarage rockpost-punk,female vocalists

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