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zaterdag 9 april 2011

Isaïah - Ils consomment, tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas

Isaïah (Bandcamp) is an epic(-sounding) screamo band from the southern french-speaking part of Belgium (yes, french is not every belgian's native language), with a lot of influences from the french skram bands. in stead of the ambient twinkly sound of most screamo bands that build their sound around post rock with long soundscapes, these guys also master a more down-tempo dissonant post-metal style and juggle with both succesfully. with those twinkly bands like Envy, Heaven In Her Arms and Pianos Become The Teeth, that seem so popular, I always get a feeling of 'hit or miss' with every song. with this band's style each song hovers somewhere in between at worst.

Last fm tags as screamo, belgian, progressive rock

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