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zondag 10 april 2011

out of the box on sunday IV

Let the record show that I am (and have been ever since discovering it altogether) hugely into the darkest of Black Metal bands. Lurker Of Chalice, Weakling, Deathspell Omega, Vehementer Nos, Blut Aus Nord, Dragged Into Sunlight, ... they just rev my engine.
German one-man studio project The Ruins of Beverast (too kvlt for the interwebz) is the pinnacle of said breed of blackened metal. I imagine that this project is the outcome of one man's uncompromised outtake on what music should sound like. without other bandmembers sticking their nose in his creative proces, telling him what to do what not to do, or any compromise in between. these songs are pure and uncut soundtracks to a bunch of musicnerds roleplaying a satanic ritual. you can just feel Beelzebub knocking on the floor, directly underneath your feet as every pulsing resonance lurks him closer, while thinking "Bring. It. On" as it adrenalizes you as well.
Last fm tags as black metal, atmospheric black metal, ambient black metal, depressive black metal, german

too kvlt for the internet

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