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woensdag 23 februari 2011

Light Bearer - Beyond The Infinite, Primum Movens, Lucifer's Monody

 listen to Primum Movens by Light Bearer
Light Bearer (Myspace), is a band from the UK with members from Fall Of Efrafa and Dungeons and is my first down-tempo music post.
awaiting this band's first release, I present to you a compilation of 3 of its songs.
like Fall Of Efrafa, this band is loosely based around a concept. this time around Lucifer, and his fall from heaven (I can't help but think of Deathspell Omega). I think it's safe to say you can compare Light Bearer to FoE's latest release, only with a lot more soundscapes and atmosphere, classical instruments and twinkly post-rock structures that build up to Alex CF's signature roar, accompanied by more profound guitar arrangements than his former band's post hardcore and epic crust style. this is like a logical sequel to that band, who I found to grow into a beter band with every step they took toward it's last album. 
Light Bearer's first release will be a 6-song double LP and may be even more to my likings than these people's previous musical projects, judging from what I've only heard so far.

get merch or pre-orders of future Light Bearer records, by clicking the image above.

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