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maandag 11 juli 2011

Engineer - Crooked Voices

 listen to The Idiot's Theme by Engineer

This is the 7th release by (ex-The Minor Times band) Engineer (facebook). down-tempo hardcore with an amazing sludgy groove and their signature raw -even somewhat emotional- vocals, that both easily fit under a Post-Hardcore label. which I found interresting, since the label sludge is so often misplaced on downtempo Post-Hardcore bands, not that anyone should take such labels seriously, but this is a band that blends the trve with untr00 with the best from both worlds. nevermind. this is dark yet catchy stuff, with influences from all sorts of slow and extreme music, which always beats tapping from a single narrow source. as these guys proove.
Last fm tags as sludge, hardcore, mathcore, metalcore, metal 

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